Ginnette Chittick

With a background in Punk Rock and Indie music, Ginette Chittick is a member of one of Singapore’s pioneer ArtRock/Shoegaze bands, Astreal, a DJ and was a prolific punk musician and zinester of the early 90s punk scene. Starting her graphic design exploration with grimy photostating machines, dot matrix printers, typewriters and cut-up-&-paste techniques, Ginette delved into the themes of gender, Riot Grrrl, punk rock ideology and feminism in one huge slugfest of personal narratives. Originally trained as a web/graphic designer, her exploration into the realms of music, fashion, art, textiles/fibre and photography has led her to work on the themes of love, memory, gender and lived experience, and the blurring of lines between the worlds of the craft, design and art. Punk Rock imagery still influences much of her work as does the DIY ideology which pervades her process of making.

With her recent exhibitions, “Planes and Envelopes” and “This, That.” (2019) and “Sewing Discord” (2021) Ginette investigates the role of feminised craft practices that her research partner and her termed as Aesthetics of Care and its place in contemporary art and design. Her practice includes tapestry weaving, latch hooking and handspinning yarn made of a blend of locally harvested Kapok cotton and Merino wool.

She holds a Master of Art (Design) and leads the Diplomas in Fashion and Creative Direction for Fashion at the School of Fashion, Faculty of Design, LASALLE College of the Arts.


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