Phoebee Ong

An avid music lover since young, Phoebee’s musical path was paved from the first performance she gave during her school days. Though not academically trained in music, her passion for performing kick started her part-time music career in 2002. Since then, her pure determination and perseverance kept her going stronger and has brought her performing opportunities at The Esplanade, Singapore Arts Museum as well as events such as Compass Awards, Diner En Blanc & Singapore Garden Festival.

With close to 20 years of performing experience under her belt, Phoebee was previously a familiar face in the pub scene and regularly performed at local establishments such as Wala Wala, CM-PB @ Dempsey, Beer Market, Roomful of Blues, Balaclava, FiVE Izakaya, Harry’s Bar, Hood Bar & Bistro, St James Power Station & Timbre.

A full-time singer cum emcee, Phoebee currently dedicates her time doing wedding and
corporate engagements.