Preforming & becoming a singer has always been her dream.

As an experienced vocalist / vocal instructor she has been in the music industry for about 16 years both as a professional performer & a vocal instructor. Having a theatre musical background, She has also taught numerous people and has experience in teaching both professional performers as well as aspiring musicians.

As a performer, she has been performing in schools, churches, singing competitions, corporate events, representing schools to perform at various venues in Singapore. She is seasoned in playing both Full Band & Acoustic Sets up throughout the span from 2012-2011. To date, she performs in the Singapore music scene as the lead singer. Being a budding “instrumentalist” Serene can surely add in her flair into any band”. She is versatile in her reps & languages such as: Eng, Mando, Canto, Kpop, Jpop. She can also do a handful of Malay Songs too.

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