Skye Sirena

Skye started her professional performances in the English scene in Singapore at a number of hotel lounges, pubs and clubs. In February 1999 on the eve of Chinese New Year, she entered into the Canto scene starting at a popular club in Marina South named ‘Canto’. Other Canto venues she performed in include Devil’s Bar on every Sunday (2004), Black Velvet (2001), Beyond 97 (2002), Heaven & Earth (2004) and Paradigm (2004).

September 2006 saw her join the newly formed St James Power Station, the biggest ever entertainment complex in Singapore. For over 5 years, she performed as a resident artist in the Mando club there named “Dragonfly”, wowing audiences with her Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Korean and Japanese repertoire and also wrote various scripts, produced, directed and did vocal arrangements for some of the shows and resident artists’ showcase concerts including her own. Her then boss Dennis Foo refers to her as ‘effectively bilingual’ and ‘The Zoe Tay of St James Power Station’. Under the St James group, the former queen of St James also made frequent appearances at The Bellini Grande, Bellini Room, Firefly and The Wine Bar & Bistro.
These days, she mostly performs for Weddings & Private Events and various venues around Singapore.