With nearly two decades of live performing experience, Ze is a distinguished guitarist also lauded for his singing and music production. His musical bread and butter is a colourful mélange of Blues, Soul, and R’n’B. Ze’s biggest influences include artists like John Mayer, BB King, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Al Green, and Marvin Gaye. As a solo artist, Ze has featured numerously in the local indie scene under the moniker Travel Tales: he was one of a few handpicked performers for the National Arts Council’s Noise Singapore 2011. He has sessioned with several local indie bands—For This Cycle, thecolorfractal, and NyaLi—on the lineup for established Esplanade festivals like Baybeats, Mosaic and Voices. As a bar musician in Singapore, Ze has held residencies at prominent local venues including Timbre, Starker.